Working group Z1: eBusinessForum

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Working group Z1: eBusinessForum

Emerging technologies and Advertising

Project Type RTD
Starting Date 1 June 2004
Ending Date 1 November 2004
Scientific Coordinator Dr Adam Vrechopoulos
Contact Dr Adam Vrechopoulos
Group IMES



ELTRUN/WRC members participate actively in E-Business Forum. Working group (WG) Z1 will research, evaluate and record the most important ingredients of electronic advertising. Advertising has changed radically over the years thanks to new techniques and technologies. New mediums demand for extensive research so as to evaluate them in advertising effectiveness terms and persuade advertisers to invest on them. WG Z1 will focus on Internet and Mobile advertising and especially on the following areas:
• Emerging advertising technologies and techniques
• Models and methods of advertising research, management and billing
• Factors that influence Internet and Mobile advertising
• Business models and actors strategies
• Government and electronic advertising
• User Acceptance and Privacy
• Traditional and new advertising mediums: similarities and differences


• Tempo OMD Hellas (GR)
• GRNET – Greek Research and Technology Network (GR)