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Intelligent Integration of Supply Chain Processes and Consumer Services based on Unique Product Identification (RFID) in a Networked Business Environment

Funding programme IST 2005, FP6
Funding Agency European Commission
Project type RTD
Starting date 30 December 2006
Ending Date 30 May 2008
Scientific coordinator Dr. Katerina Pramatari
Project Manager Dr. Katerina Pramatari
Contact Dr. Katerina Pramatari



The SMART research project aims to support intelligent business networking and consumer services based on effective and efficient information sharing and collaboration across supply chain partners, capitalizing on the fact that products are uniquely and automatically identified (at item, case or pallet level) with the use of RFID technology.
The specific objectives of the project include:
To enable innovative in-store consumer services and new supply-chain collaboration scenarios which exploit the capabilities for unique-product identification and real-time information
The provision of reliable and real-time end-to-end information about product quality and history to supply chain partners as well as to educated consumers through innovative electronic services
The development of new decision-support algorithms and software tools, taking advantage of unique product identification capabilities and real-time information flows, to support store operations and supply chain processes
The establishment of a collaborative services repository to enable the open and dynamic integration of supply chain processes in a global environment
The development of a technological framework incorporating interorganisational standardised processes in the above context, exploiting the innovative technologies of web-service orchestration and choreography and supporting the required process transformation.



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