RFID in Europe – 2011

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RFID in Europe – 2011


The Survey was carried out by the ELTRUN/Score Research Group (www.eltrun.gr) in the period October 2010- March 2011 with the aim to monitor the interest and perceptions of European organisations regarding RFID technology. During the first stage, the study was conducted in Greece with 96 respondents and at a second stage 13 other European countries (Italy, France, Germany, Norway, U.K, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden) participated with 63 respondents. 159 respondents in total participated in this survey. In the Greek Survey, the majority (60%) of the organizations participated were SMEs, while in the European Survey the SMEs accounted for almost half of the respondents (49%). In addition, the majority of respondents belong to senior and top management. In the survey in Greece the majority (58%) of the respondents were top/senior managers, while the majority of the European respondents (55%) where Senior/ top managers.

You can give a look at the results here: