Intelligent Media Lab

Scientific Coordinator

Research streams

  • e-business and e-government
  • Social Media
  • Digital Interactive Television Technologies and Applications
  • Machine learning algorithms for personalization
  • Adaptive and Adaptable hypermedia Systems
  • Recommender systems and applications in marketing communication
  • User-centric Interaction and Interface design
  • Human factors in user modelling
  • Emerging interactive media and cross-media applications

Research Objectives

  • Design new hybridization techniques for personalization algorithms and adapt them to interactive television and mobile communications applications.
  • Examine new forms of communication and collaboration through emerging digital channels (IPTV, Social-TV, etc.)
  • Design consumer services enhanced with intelligent features in support of consumer’s daily living (personalized EPG’s, networked home applications).
  • Investigate internal and external forces that affect consumer’s decision-making process and develop user models that incorporate and operationalize human factors.
  • Examine the role of recommendation techniques in promotional activities in RFID enabled environments.
  • Study and design new interaction paradigms for cross-media applications with respect to individual media usage requirements.

Digital Interactive Television Applications and Services

E-business and Social Media

E-government Innovation

Personalization and Social Recommender Systems