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Developing Organizational Behavior Models in the Context of Adopting Collaboration Practices

Funding Programme Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training II (Action 2.2.3.f)
Funding Agency Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs
Starting Date 1 January 2005
Ending Date 31 December 2006
Scientific Coordinator Prof. Georgios I. Doukidis
Project Manager Dr Katerina Pramatari
Contact Dr. Katerina Pramatari



This research studies the connection between the corporate culture and the adoption of collaboration practices between partners in the supply and demand chain. More specifically it will examine:
• the influence of an organization’s culture in the decision to cooperate with its partners in the value chain,
• the incentives of the organization to apply collaboration practices,
• the appropriate IT maturity to enable collaboration between partners,
• the collaboration processes that organizations usually adopt,
• the specific IT solutions that enable the cooperation in the supply and demand chain and
• the organizational benefits earned from the leverage of collaboration models.
The study will be based in a questionnaire survey in the retail industry. The analytical methodology that will be employed is Structural Equation Modelling (SEM).