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PhD Chaniotaki EN

PhD Thesis Description

The attempt to cut down on and rationally use monetary and other resources on IT Projects has been a major issue for governments around the world. It has been commonly accepted that large amounts of money have been wasted by Governments in E-Government projects, which, despite their initial implementation success, are either given up or fail to be fully utilized, according to their initial specifications. The necessity therefore arises for the development of an ex ante evaluation framework or model for E-Government projects, which shall be able to predict projects’ success or failure in terms of long-term sustainability and act as a decision-support tool for public sectors decision makers when deciding upon the approval or rejection of a prospective project.
The literature references used in order to tackle this problem come from the field of IS evaluation, E-Government in general and Sustainability. In specific, all existing IS evaluation frameworks and models have been studied in depth, which shall be enriched by means of the E-Government and Public Administration literature. Despite the thorough research that has been conducted in the area of IS evaluation until the early 2000’s, the lack of such frameworks and models for E-government projects and systems in terms of their long-term sustainability can be observed.

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