Interactive Digital Television: Technologies and Applications

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Interactive Digital Television: Technologies and Applications

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Issue No. 46 (September – October 2007)

George Lekakos, Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, Georgios Doukidis

After a decade of interchanging enthusiasm and disappointment interactive Digital Television (iDTV) or simply interactive TV (iTV) enters a phase where technology developments and market conditions provide a fertile ground for its growth. The anticipated uptake of iDTV is also supported by the nature of the medium itself as a familiar and trusted medium available in almost every single household in modern societies. At the same time, the opposite is also true; TV content gradually finds its way through Internet and mobile platforms. The most important characteristic of the new medium is its ability to provide digital content enhanced with interactive features. Thus, besides the delivery of high quality picture and sound iDTV promises to change the role of passive viewers of traditional analogue television by turning them into active participants of the television viewing experience.


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