GSRT-International Collaboration

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GSRT-International Collaboration

RFID in Supply Chain

Funding Programme Non-EU International Collaboration
Funding Agency Ministry of Development, General secretariat of Research and Technology
Project Type RTD
Starting Date 1 January 2006
Ending Date 31 December 2008
Scientific Coordinator Dr Katerina Pramatari
Project Manager Ms. Cleopatra Bardaki
Contact Dr Katerina Pramatari



The objective of effective supply chain management is the coordination of information, materials and financial flows between organizations. RFID is an emerging technology that can further contribute to supply chain optimization. RFID enables accurate real time product location information provision in high volumes and at very low (or even zero) labor costs. RFID technology is believed to initially substitute barcode for product identification. Later on, when the adoption level becomes mature enough, RFID will be used for optimizing many internal and inter-company processes.
In this project we aim to study the impact of RFID technology and real-time data in effective supply chain decision making. More specifically, we plan to simulate supply chain operations and RFID deployment in order to study the effect of RFID across different dimensions, such as forecasting accuracy, inventory management, distribution and traceability processes, dynamic pricing, information sharing and collaboration, innovative consumer services, marketing variables etc.