Consumer Behaviour in Mobile Services: GSRT-PENED

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Consumer Behaviour in Mobile Services: GSRT-PENED

Study of consumer behavior in mobile based services in the sector of the entertainment industry

Funding Agency MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENT GENERAL – Secretariat for Research and Technology
Project type RTD
Starting Date 1 January 2006
Ending Date 31 December 2008
Scientific Coordinator Dr. Adam Vrechopoulos
Project Manager Mr. Vasileios Koutsiouris
Contact Dr. Adam Vrechopoulos
Group IMES



The ability to locate the position of a mobile device is facilitated by Location Based Technologies. Location Based Technologies can be handset or network based. The objective of this project is the investigation of subjects that concern issues in the consumer behaviour theory in the sector of mobile telephony services and more specifically in Location Based Services. Specifically the fields that this project will deal with are:
• Study of theoretical and empirical dimension measurement tools like as: perceptive service quality, satisfaction and value, e.t.c. related to consumer location recognition services.
• The development of an innovative LBS application in the field of the entertainment industry.