Buyer Behavior Models: GSRT-PYTHAGORAS

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Buyer Behavior Models: GSRT-PYTHAGORAS

Developing Buyer Behavior Models in the Context of Electronic Services and Collaborative Platforms

Funding Programme Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training II (EPEAEK II)-Action 2.2.3.f
Funding Agency Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs
Project type RTD
Starting Date 1 January 2005
Ending Date 31 December 2006
Scientific Coordinator Prof. Georgios I. Doukidis
Project Manager Dr. Adam Vrechopoulos
Contact Dr. Pavlos Vlachos
Group IMES
Website Pythagoras



TThis research aims at developing and empirically validating alternative models of buyer decision making in the context of electronic services and collaborative platforms. It involves two methodologically interrelated sub-projects:
1. Modeling the antecedent, mediating and consequent role of prominent service evaluation constructs, like perceived service quality, value, and satisfaction in the context of consumer electronic services.
2. Modeling the antecedent, mediating and consequent role of relationship management constructs, like trust and commitment in the context of Business to Business electronic collaborative practices.
The analytic methodology that will be employed in this modeling effort is structural equation modeling with latent variables, that is covariance based structural equation models.